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Our original blend mixes raspberry and damiana leaves with a hearty splash of rose petals for a boost of flavour. This mix can be enjoyed all by itself or mixed with other herbs.


Red Rose Petals

Red Raspberry Leaf

Hand-Selected and Sifted

We take pride in our product. We remove all of the stems we can so that you can enjoy BTT Herbs as quickly as possible. This makes BTT Herbs burn more smoothly and makes it that much easier to enjoy with other smokable plants.

100% Organic Ingredients

Damiana, also known as Turnera Diffusa was recorded to be used as an aphrodisiac in the ancient Mayan civilization, as well as for "giddiness and loss of balance." In the 19th century, the plant was included in the U.S and Mexican pharmacopoeias as a tonic and aphrodisiac. Voodoo cults in the southern United States also used the plant for love magic. Damiana has a distinct herbal pleasant herbal scent.

Red Raspberry Leaf or Rubus idaeus is a deciduous plant and has a history of being used in indigenous medicine. It has a light berry scent when burned.

Red Rose Petals have recorded use as early as the 1st century CE. Pliny the Elder recorded thirty-two different medicinal uses of the rose. The scent of rose petals have inspired countless authors and poets.

Our herbs are sold for burning and vaporizing incense and they are not intended for human consumption.


No Tobacco, No Nicotine

There is no tobacco in our products. There is no nicotine. There are no additives and BTT Herbs are not addictive.

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